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What We Do

Exercise for Everyone is a non profit organisation based in London. Aimed at providing a "go to place" for the disadvantaged in the local community. We encourage, help, and support to people from socioeconomically disadvantaged population groups who are less likely to be physically active and more likely to experience adverse health outcomes. We do this by helping you physically, mentally, and socially through a good exercise and an educational workshops/events.

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Our Causes

We work hard everyday to better the lives of people by giving them a place of belonging through physical activities which also tackles not only physical, but also mental challenges, leading to a better state of well-being. Moreover our primary commitment is to help empower individuals and bring the community together.


One of the main focuses here at ExerciseforEveryone is to educate people on the importance of a balanced diet, portion control as well as healthy lifestyle choices. in order for them to live an adequate life.

Physical activity

One of the main aspects of ExerciseforEveryone is the fitness, it works as a powerful medicine that has a positive impact on depression, anxiety whilst also boosting your confidence due to a healthy physical change in your apperance.


One of our goals is to ensure that we can better the well being of individuals meaning they can  feel socially at ease within the community as they gain a positive mental state.

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Let's make it happen!

Exercise for Everyone is a FREE, on a flexible schedule, community group, helping EVERYONE to create the life they want.
The group is very friendly, to where anyone feels simply free to be themselves and make changes at their own pace.
Like-minded people, get together, support each other and help each other make positive changes. Its amazing what happens when those who have walked the toughest of challenges get together!
Take your first step towards positive life, in the hands of supportive, friendly people.
EVERYONE CAN DO IT! You just need the right people.

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Upcoming Events

  • Online Health Check
    EVERY Thursday starting at 9AM to 10:30AM
    EVERY Thursday starting at 9AM to 10:30AM
    Join Us
  • Online Physical Activity
    EVERY Tuesday starting at 9AM to 10AM
    EVERY Tuesday starting at 9AM to 10AM
  • Keeping Active and Social
    EVERY Saturday starting at 9AM to 10AM
    EVERY Saturday starting at 9AM to 10AM
    Nothing Like It
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“The only time you should look back is to see how far you've come”

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Contact Us

179 Anerley Road, London

07846622414 / 02086591947

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